A rattlesnake hidding in the grass

Unexpected Encounter

Logan Canyon is a beautiful place. I’ve been wanting to take out the Bianchi again (in spite of an unruly rear derailleur). With every change of the season Logan Canyon brings a new feast for the eyes. On the last climb to the rock slide I was pushing as hard as I could and not paying attention to much else. I came around the corner

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Logan Canyon from the River Trail

So many gnats

Errands and soccer games consumed my morning. I found a slight break in the evening to get out and and spend some time in one of the most beautiful canyons on earth. Lucky for me it is a short ride on a beautiful Bianchi to a heavenly spot. The ride – Logan River Trail The bike – Bianchi Cavaria

View of Logan Canyon from the Bridger Lookoff Trail

Outside Again

I’d heard that the Logan River Trail had dried out enough to ride and so I felt obligated to check it out. Turns out the trail couldn’t be more perfect and the weather couldn’t be better. The trees were just starting to bud and the undergrowth has started turning green. The canyon is a magical place any time of year. The ride – Logan River

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Spring Hollow stream flowing through trees

Slippery When Wet

The bitter chill in the air keeps me off my road bike in the late Fall. Similar justifications apply to the cross bike. However, in the name of variety I pulled out the Bianchi and all my cold weather gear and headed to Logan canyon. The consequence for any speed above 20mph was a distinct loss of feeling in my fingers and a deep bite

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Logan River Trail Sunset in the trees

Evening ride with the crew

I am really lucky. I have a wife will will mountain bike with me. During the summer she pulled a tendon in her leg paddle boarding and has been patiently waiting for it to heal enough to get out and ride again. Tonight was that night. I’m pretty stoked she has her Mojo back. The Ride – Logan River Trail

Sun shining down at the top of Spring Hollow in Logan Canyon

The bite of the morning air after the first frost

This morning the rooftops were covered with a think layer of frozen water – a sign that we were visited by the first frost of the season. Autumn bike rides are filled with color and confusion. The heat of the sun beats down and as long as you are at a stand still it could be summer. Get on a bike and the rush of

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Logan River Trail

Finding Shangri-La

The winds at the mouth of Logan Canyon protect the beauty within like the fierce storms that protect the fabled Shanngri-La. Once I pass through the wind tunnel the air becomes still, the sky beautiful and the trail perfect. As I ride along the river, the organic smells of a forest morning filled my nose. The plants dry and wither as I climb in the

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