No idea where I’m going.

We’re spending Labor Day Weekend with my wife’s family. I’ve got the Alta rack. I’ve got a Ripmo for me. My wife has a Mojo. My son has my old Ripley. My youngest has a Scott – only thing that fits him. I’m spite of being close to Powder Mountain time was not on my side. Like Moses I would not make way to the Promised Land. Instead I checked Strava for a closer trail and found SideWinder. Knowing nothing about it I hoped it would fit my time constraints lest I spend the rest of the holiday weekend with and unhappy wife.

Turns out SideWinder did fit in my time constraints. Was it fun? Yes. Would I make an effort to ride this trail? Probably not. It was convenient and it was fun. I think it might be a training course for a local high school mountain bike team. The majority of the ride is in a fenced cow pasture. There were plenty of piles of fresh fertilizer to dodge which makes me think the cows are still present though I didn’t see any.

SideWinder lives up to the wonder name. There are plenty of corners. Thrown in are a couple of deliberate rock gardens that look like the remains of an old fence you’d find in Ireland. The climb is gentle but gives the user a chance to accelerate into a few rollers and small jumps. The entire ride is exposed. Ride it in the morning or die of heat exhaustion.

The ride – SideWinder

The bike – Ibis Ripmo