The gates of Shangri-La

Logan Canyon is a beautiful place that hides a lot of small beautiful places. To get to those beautiful places requires passing two tests. First, the dragon awaits the adventurer. Push hard past the dragon’s breath and you will be rewarded. Second, while facing the dragon’s breath you must climb through moon dust and marbles. Crest the hill and you shall pass the gates into Shangri-La. Good luck on your journey.

Bianchi Cavaria

With the Bianchi as my companion we frequent the heavenly stretch of nature at the mouth of Logan Canyon. The Bianchi does complain a bit. It’s a picky bike. Today it complained a lot and could not figure out which gear to pick. The Bianchi does like Italian opera so I threw on some Pavarotti, twisted the barrel adjuster just a tiny bit and with the Italian master’s voice accompanying the wildflowers we got along much better for the remainder of our time in this heaven on earth.

The ride – Logan River Trail

The bike – Bianchi Cavaria