Getting High Riding Slow

The sky once again filled with smoke the morning sunlight streamed through the trees lighting the forest in orange and fooling the mind that Autumn was upon us. Whether it was the smoke and haze, a the restless night or the mysterious soreness in my quads and hamstrings I failed to find any depth or power in my pedal strokes. As I climbed my legs numbed to the pain and settled into a slow but steady cadence. Perhaps it was the bad air but more likely my lack of sleep drove my mind into a drunken stupor and my brain drifted from my body. The physical droned upward. While with diminished mental capacity I observed the ride from outside myself. It was weird and I started to wonder if the smoke filling my lungs from the foul air might contain a few medicinal elements. I was able to apply the appropriate horsepower and balance required to push the Ripmo through a few technical elements at the beginning of the climb. However, as time passed my body stopped responding to prompts from my brain and I failed in a section that usually don’t prove much of a challenge. I didn’t care a bit.

I did learn that the Ripmo is very forgiving of it’s jockey on off days. It does work better with greater power adn focus but It handles just fine on days when you just don’t feel it.

The ride – Providence Canyon