Leg Cramps Suck

Generally my health is improved by cycling. The one nasty side effect that I randomly experience is leg cramps. I used to take Sportlegs when I was riding a longer event or when it was hot outside. They help a great deal and are probably one of the better preventative solutions I’ve found. I’ve tried pickle juice, but it’s kind of nasty and not always handy. A daily yoga routine helps a lot and I really need to focus on yoga every day but during the summer it’s way more fun to go outside and ride and then when you ride to long and run out of time its easy to skip.

As I sit here tonight watching the 2021 Olympics working on this blog I moved my leg wrong and boom it seized up. Then I almost threw up. The cramping is so sudden and the pain so intense that I almost pass out, almost puke and start sweating. The cramps are bad enough to do damage to the muscle that takes a week or two to heal. That really sucks because it can ruin biking during the best riding season of the year. I find that a lot of cursing and carefully, slowly moving my leg into a contorted position can keep the muscle from tearing itself apart but I still have no solution. They just suck.

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