Beam Me Up

The weather is always wrong (thank goodness) and with no rain in site the Ripmo needed some time out of the barn. I got suited up in my usual mountain bike attire and whilst I was preparing the Ripmo for the journey I realized it might not be raining but there was a definite Fall chill on the air. Not wanting my shiny, shaved legs to have to bear the nip of the cold I went back in to change. I was hesitant to go with my fleece jerseys since it’s not that cold yet. I do have one long sleeve jersey. It’s a Pearl Izumi from a few years back. I threw on some tights and the jersey and the realized I could easily fit in at a Trekkie convention. I’m not sure why, but for some reason the designers took most of their fashion cues from Jean-Luc Picard. Not a lot of riders I know need to go directly from bike to ComiCon, but maybe there is a use case.

In spite of being ready to meet and alien race in the hills I was glad for the extra warmth as the temperature dropped as clouds moved in overhead. On my final round as I prepared to make my descent I also threw on a Pearl Izumi jacket I’ve had forever. It does a good job blocking the wind but I quickly learned that the designers at Pearl Izumi, realizing that everyone would make Star Trek jokes, decided early on that that they hated their customers and they hatched a subtle yet evil plot involving tiny little zippers that are impossible to use while wearing gloves.

It took a while but I managed to extract my phone from it’s zipped up pocket and take these.

The Ripmo loves Autumn Mountain Biking

The ride – Providence Canyon