It’s Raining so Bring the Pain

I joined a 3R race today in the C category. I don’t usually race but it’s raining, I’m inside, I felt decent and so I figured why not. I managed to finish 18th overall which included the A and B racers. I was 4th or 5th among the Cat C guys so I felt pretty good about the experience overall. A couple of observations:

  1. You push yourself a lot harder when you ride with others and have a purpose. As I’ve transitioned to mainly solo rides and mountain biking I think I’ve slacked off and not pushed my self as hard as I should
  2. The lead out matters a lot. I’m not sure if people are using power drills or what, but if you fall behind right off the line you can’t finish with high numbers. When we finished I noticed that my average power about was above that of many people that finished before me. It’s not just power there is a lot of strategy in Zwift.
  3. Pay attention. I usually watch TV or a movie while riding, but I’ve noticed that if you drop just a few watts at the wrong moment you’ll find yourself sprinting to catch the group. Constantly trying to catch up will burn out your legs much faster.
  4. The draft is real. It’s a race so hang with a group or sit just behind another rider for maximum advantage.
  5. I found myself pounding with everything I could dig up. This included occasionally standing an mashing on the pedals. At one point I was just bounding using my arms to push my body up like a crazy person and knocked the painting off the wall. Zwift racing is a great exercise.
  6. I’ve beat my poor Madone to death. It could really use a tune up.

The ride – Zwift

The bike – Trek Madone 6.9 on a Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer