Wander Through the Wildflowers

Green Canyon earns it’s name. Even this late in the year there are still clusters of wildflowers that brighten up the ride. The Ripmo is not amused if I stop and smell the wildflowers so we compromise and I take a quick photo here and there.

It’s only 15 minutes from my house but 15 out and 15 back is 30 minutes I could be on a bike so I spend a lot of time in Providence Canyon. Now that my son is back in school and his school is close to Green Canyon I can justify the ride a little more often.

Going up was great. I felt strong and then I felt weak but then I felt good again at the very end where you have to climb a series logs to get to the wilderness sign. The Ripmo tackles them without fear or hesitation and I continue to stick by my claim that this is the best climbing bike I’ve ever ridden.

We had a great time together on the descent until we started running into lots of rides making the ascent and I slowed way down. After my last crash I think I’ve gotten over the mental haze that pushes me to go easy into the corners but I maintain my fear of crashing into someone and hurting them. The Ripmo wants to fly but every once in a while we have to pull back the reigns and take it easy.

The ride – Green Canyon

The bike – Ibis Ripmo