Zwift – 3R Interval Ride

My numbers aren’t your numbers. That’s what Zwift teaches me every time I do one of these rides. I find group around me can output 2 Watt/kg and totally drop me when I do 3Watt/kg. Over time I’ve learned that it has to do with some amount of lag. In the real world you can respond when someone sprints or when you noticed you’ve fallen too far off the back. In Zwift by the time you notice it’s frequently several seconds too late so then you are forced to over correct and you end up going off the front. I usually watch something while I’m riding and I’ve noticed that if I don’t frequently pay attention to my position I end up off the back of the group. When that happens you are out of luck. Lucky for me when that happened today I was able to finish with a second large group that came up behind me.

The ride – Zwift

The bike – Trek Madone 6.9