The Dr is missing the second half dozen of his trail

Labor day weekend means hanging out with my wife’s family. It’s a fun annual tradition, a chance to reconnect with family your rarely see and a great opportunity to spend some two wheel time in the dirt. Power Mountain is a great place to ski in the colder months. I had never visited on a mountain bike. The Ripmo and I were glad for the opportunity. Even on a holiday weekend the trails were relatively empty.

Most of these trails are smooth easy going dirt with a little bit of up and down. There are a few short, rocky sections that you can happily bounce along (the Ripmo’s preference) or walk if you don’t love rock gardens.

I made it through half of Dr’s Dozen when the trail just disappeared. It looks like the resort tore out the trail and throw up a hand painted sign. It was not clear where to go and the hill was littered with ominous no trespassing in the bike park signs so I took the road up the mountain to the lift where I caught Britain’s Ribbon that dropped my back at my car and finished out the loop.

The ride – all over Power Mountain

The bike – Ibis Ripmo