Blacksmith Fork Canyon at the top looking west. A long road with mountains rising on both sides.

Seeking Solitude

This is a crank rant. Read at your own peril. <crank> Some days I hate people. Not anyone person, just all people. The thought of interacting with another human is exhausting. I don’t want to listen to anyone’s demands. I don’t want a to do list. I don’t really care to hear anymore about why I’m not the perfect or even decent human in your

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Time VRS Fluidity

Everyone come join the greatest sport on Earth

After last night’s leg cramp from hell I didn’t expect much from my body. I didn’t wake up well and the air looked like it had smoked a pack our a million but I lied to myself and said I’d just run the short route out to Paradise and back. The Time had other ideas. After hanging on the wall and watching the Ripmo go

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Porcupine Dam in the distance with canal in the forefront

Dam Lies

I awoke this morning to hazy skies and brisk mountain air. I find it easiest to decide the night before where I plan on riding to avoid last minute indecision. With all the smoke last night and the barrage of meetings I would face through the day I had told myself that I would make a quick run out to Paradise and back for a

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Recovering From Old Age

I usually wake up to the first rays of the morning sun breaking over the mountains to the East. It’s a pleasant way to start the day. This morning I was awoken by a burning sensation under my right shoulder blade and a numb hand. Mountain biking, body is fine. Paddleboarding I’m fine. Apparently sleeping through the night is my biggest physical challenge. I took

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