The one where I left my water bottles on my truck tail gate

As is my theme as of late I woke up late which left me rushing to get out the door before sun bolstered the day’s temperature. My brain doesn’t handle being rushed and 7 miles into the ride I realized I had not actually moved my water bottles from my tail gate and onto my bike. Faced with the choice of turning back and most likely giving up for the day or dehydration I chose dehydration. It wouldn’t be the first time. There’s a park in Paradise that marks almost halfway into the ride. It has a drinking fountain. I was hoping it was on and much to my joy it was. I drank until my stomach hurt knowing it would be my only water during the 30 mile ride.

In spite of my lack of water and the fact that they paved Paradise (chip sealed and totally ruined roads) I had a great ride.

The ride – Paradise

The bike – Time VRS Fluidity