Road in Paradise, Utah

Sweat Practice

My son returned to school this morning and since I have to drive him across town morning the timing for my rides get really tricky. By tricky I mean they end up being later and so much hotter than usual. The ride – Paradise The bike – Time VRS Fluidity

Farm road, Cache Valley

Running Errands. Getting Lost.

I needed to run something to Smithfield. Gas is expensive. The environment is important. Clearly the solution is to ride a bike as much as possible so I decided the best way to make my delivery would be via the Time. The errand would also take me close to Smithfield Canyon and I haven’t ridden that in forever. the skies were filled with rainless clouds.

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Going full tourist

I’ve been watching the rides of a bunch of my Strava acquaintances. They are all in France riding all the amazing segments of the Tour de France – past and present. It looks amazing and it’s easy to be jealous. Someday I will follow in their footsteps and climb all the lung busted roads of the Pyrenees. Until that day comes I have to remind

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My bike without water bottles

The one where I left my water bottles on my truck tail gate

As is my theme as of late I woke up late which left me rushing to get out the door before sun bolstered the day’s temperature. My brain doesn’t handle being rushed and 7 miles into the ride I realized I had not actually moved my water bottles from my tail gate and onto my bike. Faced with the choice of turning back and most

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Looking out from Providence Canyon

Rain Delays and Sliced Sidewalls.

The weather showed rain so I was going to sleep in. The rain didn’t come but I woke up before 7 to cloud filled skies. I decided since the water wasn’t falling I would chance. Then as I got on my bike to head down the driveway drops fell from the sky and I slunk back to the basement to work and wait out the

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Providence Canyon Trail

Treasure Hunting Money Dirt

The moondust and marble ridden trails have missed the rain. With the blessed return of a bit of H2O my hope in money dirt led me to a late morning ride with the Ripmo. With the dust tightened down to the trail and nary a puddle or bog in sight the quest to find ideal riding conditions was declared a successful venture. The ride –

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View of Logan Canyon from Bridger Lookoff

The Sweet Smell of Sagebrush After Rain

A late night rain provided some relief to the scorched dirt thirsty from a summer’s worth of heat and sun. I had to squish the ride between morning activities and so it was a fast out and back without a lot of stopping. Lucky for me the clouds hung around to keep my skin from broiling off. The rain left the forest wet and vaguely

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