And then my life flashed before my eyes

Coming into Paradise I stopped at the stop sign to wait for an oncoming car. I’m on a bike so I barely take up any space at all on the far right. Lucky for me I don’t unclip. Instead I hover and wait my turn. The white mini van turns my direction. When I say turns my direction they turn straight at me as in I start to feel like they are intentional aimed straight at me. I’ve seen plenty of drivers too oblivious and lazy to drive the extra 10 feet required to stay in their lane. This was not one of those times. This person didn’t just clip the corner they turned so tight they drove off the shoulder on my side of the road. That brings me back to being lucky I was still on the pedals. I dove off the road and into the weeds on the side as fast as I could. My rear tire was off the road and I was still sure they were going to hit me. I road back up out of the weeds on onto the road and they just kept driving like nothing happened. Like I didn’t exist.

Be careful out there.

The ride – Paradise

The bike – Time VRS Fluidity